The cathartic function of the mirror

The mirror is ambivalent, or at least the use made of it. – translated by Google

On the one hand it can become a need, a compulsion (even the video camera of the smartphone is a mirror in miniature) a way to seek a definition of us, or rather, the image that we built in our body. The other can be a means to go beyond the image that reflects.

The eyes may be the window to get in, the crack of salvation, the gateway to the interior, where the “who we are” really, the “I Am” resides. And here in front of so much ability and magnificence we can only get clean, relieved from the burden of falsified identity. We are still caterpillars front of the mirror with the need to enfold us in our cocoon, to turn around back, inside, looking for ourselves.

This is why the first shot. And only when we are ready, free from schemes and weights, taboos, unwittingly inherited values, ways of saying, doing, superstructures … only then we will be so light, ready to open our butterfly wings and be born for the first time as the phoenix from the ashes.

From the photo book “Onos oI – I am.”

Francesco Mazza

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