and it is an interactive performance with the public.
Pescara, March 2018: he is 43 years old, his name is Francesco Mazza, photographer, web master and life coach. He left all his safety to live in an Abruzzo village of 500 souls and devote himself to art, the performative, that art in which to communicate something you have to “be present”, among people. Thus was born “onosoI – I am beyond the mirror”, a traveling project, a photographic performance exhibition that will bring a message of Love in Italy and in the rest of the world. OnosoI is an inspired anthropological project, which uses the camera as an instrument of inner research.

“Loneliness today is seen almost as a disease – Francesco explains – but if you live it as a search for yourself, then it is the greatest blessing. It is what has led me to feel good with Me and to want to share this essential passage of my life with as many people as possible. Paradoxically, solitude pushes me to desire contact and sharing with people, the real ones. »

With this project Francesco wants to encourage the public to stop and ask the simplest of questions: Who am I? This question will have a domino effect in people because they will start to switch off and ask even more questions: where am I going, how am I living my life?

“OnoS oI” forces to “observe” in front of the mirror (hence the name of the project readable only in the mirror), it is a seed that will take root directly in the soul of people and, if it finds fertile land, it will produce fruit really unexpected for each of them. Inevitably, it will produce a change in their lives, pushing them to shape their lives, to find their talents and make them available to everyone. As J. Beuys said, “every man can be a living sculpture, an artist”, simply by showing the art that is in itself. Not a need for gratitude, but a willingness to make the concepts of the ideal world find expression in the subject. The verbum (from the Latin Vibration) that becomes “Meat”.

“I do not deny it, I was afraid. Choosing to leave everything and embark on such an adventure is perhaps utopian, especially for the funds that the project requires, but I have deep trust in people and I know that those who understand the message I want to spread will help me in this endeavor “.






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