the project

M’ I – I’ M (onoS oI – Io Sono)

Lift me up-apart from the mirror, I exist

Onos oI is an  antrophological project  that uses the camera as an instrument of an inner research. It’s essentially an introspective journey inside me (You) developed through the streets and the people going through. A journey in search of dimmed, mouldy and cut roots… by time, history, pain.

It’s a journey  inside our inwardness, lost in reflections of past, present, and uncertain, suspended, decadent futures. That’s my story, your story, the story of each of us.

This journey starts at the beginning, from the past, from the origins. The project finds its way in the actual Humanity, not being a critic but an encouragement to look on a different point as reguards the direction we are going ahead. It’s a dehumanized of the current occidental civilization, is a peace call, the day of reckoning.

Onos oI is the  giving up a needy ego  of continuing attentions, who uses everything and everyone to feel it alive; is the reaserch of my real identity hiding behind mechanical minds more and more perverted, inducted from a society every day more “social” but at the same time made of lonely individuals. A society where communication is full of low head bowed on a screen -no matter its dimension- instead of looking in each other eyes.

Onos oI  is the waiver of the dipendence on beggar attentions, both real and virtual; is an invite to touch  the face of people we love with our fingers, and not look through a smartphone screen or a social profile; is an invite to reflect on the photography conception, full of photographers, full of it self in this era where typing is a form of “not being”.

Onos oI  remember me that I am, apart from everything, in the present, here and now, that I am infinite.

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