Skoda 2017 Advertising: Simply. It talks about I am.

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I must admit that I had lost confidence in creative advertising agencies. Today, however, while leafing through youtube, I have had this beautiful advertising Skoda, entitled “Simply”, which I must say is very profound and totally relevant to Onos oI project.

Škoda is launching a new advertising campaign, designed and built entirely in Italy by the agency Cayenne, with the intention of speaking to an attentive customer to the true values of life.
“A realization that is not rejection of modernity and the great opportunities afforded by the digital world, but that is the interpreter of a return to common sense in every area of life, relying on self-awareness of their role in society and its values. ”

Simply the spot of ŠKODA, is dedicated to those who do not need to flaunt to see recognized its value.
To know how to choose considering the emotions value and pragmatism, in a correct equation. To those who do not allow themselves from others. Who is going to fight for the things that count and make the heart beat. Breathing life, simply. – Source Skoda

The text of the ad reads:

<< Yes, I confess, I am one with clear ideas. Not rational, but that can think with his head. One pragmatic emotionally, which evaluates how valuable and cost things and pretend that this equation is simply right. I also confess that human inventiveness, but I begin to hate superficiality in which wallows this society. Followers, likers, lovers and all these new generations concerned only with pleasure instead of breath the life.  And I know, I’m a little ‘demagogic but in which kind of world we live in. What really matters are the true values and their absence creates a vacuum. That’s why lot for what I believe in, for what I want, that I love and that makes my heart beat. I confess that I do not seek approval from anyone and that I fuck about what others think of me (picture of the protagonist who looks in the mirror). I know who I am! I know what I can and what I can, I want it.
Simply. >>

Below the spot.

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